Joanne Braddy – Removing the Stigma Around Mental Illness

Joanne Braddy Visual Artist and Sculptor

As a writer I understand the courage it takes to lay yourself bare on the page with words and it is no different with the world of visual art. Joanne Braddy’s strength and determination shines through her works as she pushes herself to paint from within. Her paintings, drawings and ceramic sculptures employ strong symbolic […]

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Value Theory, Arts Culture + Society

Value Theory, Arts Culture & Society

Where do our values come from? And why is the value of arts culture so subjective? As the year draws to a close, I am reminded how much like the ancient Celtic people we are, as we enter into a time of reflection and surrendering. The original Samhain festival, known more commonly now as Halloween, […]

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Zenism: by Adrian Doidge Design.

Zenism, Adrian Doidge Design

With his upcoming brand of ethical menswear incorporating his unique designs, 2016 has been a hectic year for Adrian Doidge. His hard work is about to pay off soon though, with the release of this original clothing range, and the journey behind this business is an amazing one. This is a longer interview, but when […]

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Trick or Treat? More from the Logan Writers.

Trick or Treat...More from the Logan Writers

Happy Halloween! Here are two more samples of works from Logan Writers for your reading pleasure. Keep an eye out for the Special Halloween podcast with a spooky reading by Mitchell Tierney.   ***   Halloween and the Day of the Dead – By Dallas Berge   The third time. The third knock on the […]

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Logan City Writers Explore Spiritual Celebrations and Halloween

Logan Writer's Halloween Special

We are lucky to be privy to such a diverse group of different voices and as no exception, the Logan City Writers have agreed to submit a few words of their own in a group exploration into Spiritual Celebrations and Halloween. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days while we publish them here. […]

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