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At Fringe we know art culture is vital to the wellbeing of our community. It provides a place for connection, expression and gives us a way to learn more about each other.

Art culture gives everyone a voice. 

It’s our common ground. 

It’s necessary to any place people are proud to call home.

We invite you to engage with your local artists, musicians, comedians, writers and performers. Take ownership of the diversity around you. Share experiences. Learn about your differences. 

Art and culture should be part of our everyday lives. 

At Fringe, we want to make it so.


Art is for everyone, so we connect you with the artists, musicians and creators via interviews and features on our blog + podcast. We give you a voice by getting out and talking to you on the streets. We want you to be heard. Got feedback? Hit us up!


We engage a wide range of artists and creatives. We love a challenge and look for diversity in styles and processes.  We want to hear your creative solutions to our world challenges. We want to celebrate our diversity. Get involved and join the movement!


We invite you to be one step closer to art culture by attending our events. Every event will raise awareness for a local charity or cause to better support people in our community who need it. We know you’ve got big hearts and we’re proud to say, you always dig deep for those in need.

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