Under This Sky

Don’t let it be said that Logan, despite its poor reputation, isn’t full of culturally vibrant and talented people. The cast of more than 700 singers, actors and musicians that took part in the Queensland Music Festival event Under This Sky, is enough to show you just how diversely talented our area is.

“The talent pool was an ocean.”  – Artist Director James Morrison

The premise behind the concert was to celebrate the different narratives of the people who live in Logan, to explore its heritage, its dynamism and cultural diversity, to share the opportunities and experiences and to celebrate its successes. It’s what we at Fringe have known all along. Logan is a diverse but talented city and by coming together as a community, we can make positive change in each other’s lives.

And that message came across loud and clear. We felt the energy as we sat on our rug before the stage, listening to the stories of the different people and the refugees who received their education, raised families and studied to become a part of our Logan community. After all Logan is home to as many as 217 ethnicities across 64 suburbs and events like this highlight that our diversity should not be a divider, it should be celebrated.

Our biggest problem is that when we walk away from an event like this and return to our everyday lives, we often forget how important it is to be inclusive, or we just don’t know how to connect. The arts are an important tool, if not the most important in bridging those boundaries because they provide a way to demonstrate different ways of living and thinking, without the conversational barriers that can sometimes occur.


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The greatest aspect of events like Under This Sky is the opportunity it provides for our community to come together and collaborate. It gives programs like Traction that invite school aged youths to participate in workshops run by arts professionals a way to connect with other artists, all while promoting respect and acceptance in a diverse group. In combination these events and programs not only open career pathways into the arts, but they also provide a way for our youth to engage across boundaries.


“We can change the world one thought at a time, one child at a time, one family at a time, one community at a time, one city, one state and one country at a time.”     — Bryant Mcgill


Under This Sky was a success because of its message but in order for that message to resonate with the community and make a difference, it needs to keep coming. Our arts programs need to keep challenging us to celebrate our diversity and heritage and needs to be supported by ongoing efforts of inclusivity.

The supporting urban food truck and music pop up series, Eats & Beats, has the potential to be a great way to get people mingling and talking about our diversity. The international food trucks gave a great variety to most people (there were some vegan/vegetarian/gluten free options but not many) and the music was provided the right atmosphere of light hearted acoustic tunes and vocals. It would be a great way to involve the community and feature different cultural music and art every month as it already attracts a number of people.

For anyone wanting to know more about future events in Logan, arts programs and grants, opportunities or if you’d like to submit to us for discussion, please contact us on our Facebook page or via the Submit tab at the top of our site.

Ali x