Spiritual celebration, culture and mortality.

Halloween, Spiritual celebration, Culture, Skull

With the commercialism of cultural and religious traditions, it is easy to be dismissive of them. But October is the perfect month to stop and consider how lucky we are to have a melding pot of different spiritual, religious and cultural elements to enrich our perspectives of the world. Generations […]

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Art tells the story of different cultures

Logan’s multicultural narrative is one of misunderstanding and prejudice, leading to an underlying culture of fear and fragmentation. But the expressive, social and participatory nature of arts culture means that it is one of the most effective tools in challenging these fears and examining our behaviours and values. By exploring […]

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Celebrate Logan’s Diversity with Art & Culture

The method of story-telling as a means of sharing knowledge is common across many indigenous races all over the world. These stories take many different shapes. The knowledge might passed down orally in different languages, via totems, kinship ties, dance, songs, ceremonies, rituals and symbolic art. In each culture the […]

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Feature Book: Shaun Tan on using surrealism and strangeness to provoke clarity.

By drawing from his own family heritage and childhood experiences, Melbourne based writer and artist, Shaun Tan explores fundamental feelings of isolation and displacement in a “New Country” through his poignant illustrated novel, The Arrival. The narrative begins in a universally familiar space; the family home, and follows the journey […]

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