Muted Expression by Tsherin Sherpa – Artistic Analysis by Adam Buchanan

 Muted Expression 2015 by Tsherin Sherpa Click here to see Tsherin Sherpa’s piece Muted Expression at GOMA Brisbane In Muted Expression Tsherin Sherpa deconstructs and reinterprets traditional Tibetan Buddhist iconography in order to explore physical communication and engage with socio-cultural issues present in contemporary Nepal and Tibetan Buddhism. Many of […]

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Thought Provoking and Satirical Illustrations with Hesam Fetrati

It is easy to see how Hesam Fetrati’s upbringing in war-torn Iran, has informed his body of cartoons, his detailed illustrations and 3D installations. His black and white works expertly delve into socio-political issues that are not so black and white. The absence of colour creates room for contemplation, and […]

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Feature Book: Shaun Tan on using surrealism and strangeness to provoke clarity.

By drawing from his own family heritage and childhood experiences, Melbourne based writer and artist, Shaun Tan explores fundamental feelings of isolation and displacement in a “New Country” through his poignant illustrated novel, The Arrival. The narrative begins in a universally familiar space; the family home, and follows the journey […]

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