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Flash Interview: Shaun Diver

Flash Interview - Shaun Diver

Welcome to our next Flash Feature with Logan musician Shaun Diver! We caught up with him in the comfort of our lounge room where we were fortunate enough to be serenaded by his heartfelt lyrics and quick fingered acoustic guitar prowess. Shaun recently played with Silk & Oil at the Retro […]

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Midweek Culture Fix with Logan Artist Peta Thompson

Peta Thompson artist

Simple, yet thought provoking and expressive designs are a common theme in Peta Thompson’s creative work. Her art explores personal narratives, combining prose with symbolic images, abstract work and portraiture. Narratives that are clearly influenced by her work in the community as an art therapist, and teacher. Peta’s work invites […]

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Belinda Bekkers on Creation as Solace

As Julia Cameron said “Art opens the closets, airs out the cellars and attics. It brings healing.” There is solace in undertaking the process of creating something. For me it’s about dragging my fingers across the keyboard to form words, and ultimately pages, on the screen. It’s about scraping out […]

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Can Art Save Lives?

I’m not a believer in fate. I believe that we carve our own path through life and in doing so, we can either decide to create positive connections or negative ones. I also believe that we need to practice being present. We aren’t accustomed to really looking at what is happening around us. […]

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