Are you creative? Do you want to increase community engagement with local arts and culture? If you answered yes, we are looking for you. We are always looking for creative artists to submit work for feature on our blog or podcast. The features will take these forms:


Community Engagement Feature:

You submit your work via photos/videos/mp3 and give us permission to use a high quality sample to canvass locals and get their feedback on your work. You can choose to remain anonymous as an artist or not in this part of the process. The public will be asked questions such as ‘How does this make you feel? What themes/issues do you think the artist is trying to convey?’ The premise is to get more of the community engaged in art and culture around them. It brings your work directly to the people. We will then discuss on the blog and/or podcast where you are invited to participate.


Straight out Blog Feature:

You submit links to your work with a bio on yourself as an artist and a brief background. You can include a calendar of events/lists of places to find your work/contact details for those wishing to commission you for more work. You might choose the main focus of this feature to be to raise awareness of a future event/exhibition.


Themed Feature:

Submit work by a deadline to a particular theme. Details of the theme will be advertised on our blog, our facebook page, twitter and newsletter.



If you are a writer, a poet, a speaker or comedian and would like the chance to submit a reading of your work either as a single piece or series, we would love to hear from you. Or you might want to join us on our podcast for a live chat.


Flash Interview:

Think a short, flash interview is better suited to you? Let us know and we’ll organise one for you. See our other flash interviews for an example on how that would work.


Guest Post:

We are also looking for guest posts. You might work in the local creative industry or as part of the local neighbourhood centre. You might want to contribute to a discussion on local arts and culture, or anything else raised on our blog/podcast. Please feel free to drop us a line on the email form below and pitch an idea. 400 – 800 words.



All artists featured on our blog have the opportunity to participate in any events/exhibitions we do in the future.


What and where do I submit?


All work with attachments can be sent

For visual artists: High quality images of your work. Between 2MP & 3MP is preferred. We may request more images or use less than you originally submitted so please order your images in preference of which to include most. Ie. Image 1 is the highest priority. We will endeavour to use as many as possible but due to site limitations may have to omit some.

Music/readings: High quality mp3 (no bigger than 3MB) If your work is larger than this and you cannot condense it any further, we will give you a link to our drop box folder.

Video: HD video no bigger than 3MB. If your work is larger than this and you cannot condense it any further, we will give you a link to our drop box folder.

Please include this information:

  • What type of feature you are interested in
  • An artist bio (400 words max)
  • Links to a calendar of events/exhibitions/gigs where your art/music etc can be found.
  • Links to all your social media accounts.

We will send you some brief interview questions, which you can return by an agreed deadline.


Please note all artists retain rights to their work. However by submitting a request to be featured on our blog you are giving us permission to publish your work on our website and social media accounts.

We will not use your work for general promotion of our website unless it is in conjunction with the feature post. If we ask permission to use your work for more general promotion, we will seek that permission in writing and you may choose to opt out.

We will endeavour to give credit for the work on our site that is not ours, however errors/omissions may occur. If you find an error, please notify us and we will fix it is soon as we are able. We accept no liability for human error.

If you have any other general inquiries, please use the contact form below.

We look forward to meeting you!


Please follow the above instructions what and where to submit. It helps us get back to you quickly, thank you.
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