Midweek Culture Fix with Logan Artist Peta Thompson

Simple, yet thought provoking and expressive designs are a common theme in Peta Thompson’s creative work. Her art explores personal narratives, combining prose with symbolic images, abstract work and portraiture. Narratives that are clearly influenced by her work in the community as an art therapist, and teacher.

Peta’s work invites people to delve deeper into her expressed concepts by extending on her images and adding texture and sculptural elements to her pieces. A journey, she says, that was fostered by her love of art journaling.

“I have a number of elements to my art. I love to journal and create in a book that is easy to store or on loose-leaf pages that I bind into journals. This started my art journey and I have since grown into fine art as a further development of my work that is ‘auditioned’ in my journals… I’m very community focused, which is expressed in my teaching activities. I love people, their expressions, uniqueness, personalities, quirks and like to try and bring something of that diversity to my work.”

Statue of a Woman, Peta Thompson

Statue of a Woman, Peta Thompson

“I love people, their expressions, uniqueness, personalities, quirks and like to try and bring something of that diversity to my work… I love the vibrancy of our (Logan) community. We hold a richness of different cultures in our city and we embrace and welcome everyone.”

Peta’s work in the community reaches even further. At a District Rotary Conference in Roma she painted 10 paintings and raised almost $2000 for the Drought Relief Fund as well as contributing paintings of chickens for the Chickens for Charity Project. “I make little chicken cards and prints and all the money goes to buy chickens for widows in India. They then become more self-sufficient and run little businesses around the sale of eggs, chicks as their flock grows. This is the do good, feel good part of art that I love,” Peta says.

Boris the Chicken - Peta Thompson

Boris the Chicken – Peta Thompson

Peta’s first exhibition is ‘Environmental Elements’ at Miami Marketta on September 28. The eclectic range will be an interpretation of the community, the environment and our consciousness, where she incorporates her internal and external environments into her works.

“I think my early years influence my desire to live and create more ecologically and to explore my environment in my art… I am fascinated by trees and bird nests and the cycles of life and ecosystems that occur in nature.”

Bark Mixed Media Canvas, Peta Thompson

Bark Mixed Media Canvas, Peta Thompson


Winter Flowers, Peta Thompson

Winter Flowers, Peta Thompson

Through the use of earthy tones and the interplay between colours, emotions and natural cycles ‘Environmental Elements’ promises to challenge viewers to delve into different layers of their internal and external narratives and think, explore and feel.

Autumn Flowers, Peta Thompson

Autumn Flowers, Peta Thompson



Want to know more about Peta?

You can catch her at her upcoming exhibition: Miami Marketta 28 September.

She is also curating an art exhibition at Canefields Clubhouse in conjunction with the Rotary clubs of Loganholme and Logan to showcase the work of the members.

Canefields Clubhouse, Meadowdowns Drive, Meadowbrook, 18 November 2016, Exhibition ‘Recesses of the mind’

Peta also teaches mixed media art at Canefields Clubhouse at Meadowbrook, Logan Women’s Health and Wellbeing centre at Beenleigh and mixed media art journaling at TJs Scrappin with Style in Logan Central.

Peta also conducts art therapy workshops as part of Logan City Council’s Krank school holiday program and Logan City Council’s Live Well programs for women and teens in Logan.

Website: – where she has works for sale, blog, my monthly teaching calendar, including art therapy workshops.

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