Lost in Landscapes

Many artists dream to have the kind of success Mark Davey has had with his art, but the prolific local has worked hard and over his 20 year career he has been a part of over 40 exhibitions and has been nominated for multiple awards, despite ongoing health problems.

“My theory is with art there are no rules, you do whatever you want, when you want and it makes you feel good.”

Mark is a wood machinist and wood turner by trade who works in a variety of mediums, acrylic, oil, mixed media, pastel, pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, photography and timber, although his favourite is acrylic.

His main obsession is with painting, and as he calls it: “Painting beauty in a world of ugliness.” He draws inspiration from his garden and local scenes, but his subject matter varies and includes anything from abstract, nudes, landscapes and portraiture.

His latest exhibition, Lost in Landscapes, showcases Mark’s fluid, expressive style that grips the viewer and draws them in to the landscape. They are scenes local to the Beenleigh area; the pubs, the Albert River, a creek that runs through a park where he walks his dogs, the poincianas in his backyard and some more surreal landscapes. Mark says:

“There are so many things to paint locally, I am making the most of it while I can, at the same time pointing out the beauty in the area that is often looked upon in a derogatory way. It is good to exhibit these works on the other side of town to show off these scenes to an audience that would not know these areas and may change the way the area is seen to some.”

The exhibition will be running until 31st January at Haven Espresso, 26 Farrant Street, Stafford Heights.

Mark Davey Landscape 1


Mark Davey Landscape 2


Lost in Landscapes - Haven EspressoIf you would like to contact Mark about this exhibition or any facet of his art please do so on:

Ph. 0410725617