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When you look into the haunting eyes of the girls that Logan Artist, Braidy Hughes has painted, you can’t help but be moved. Each girl exudes a unique personality behind their quirky, imperfect beauty and as Braidy confesses, their stories are deeply personal, often elicited by painful emotions or memories. Her surreal, expressive style with paint and pen is self taught, and while she did go to University, Braidy felt it didn’t suit her and left to pursue her more organic, solitary approach to creating.

“I often drive my work by painting to music that I know will trigger an emotion or a memory. And these days, often when I work, I feel like a few close people that have left are there with me. It’s a way of keeping in touch with the moments in my life that I wish I had back. The girls are a reflection of this.”


The Only Way Is Up

The Only Way Is Up

Like many artists do, Braidy works intuitively entwining her personal stories into her paintings. She creates for no one but herself and this is why her images have such impact. They are genuine.  Braidy says, “people are drawn to art because they have reflected something in their work that someone else can relate to.” And creating is something that Braidy can’t help but do.

As a writer, Braidy’s work appeals to me in the same way a poem or a short story does. Each line in the story unfolds as you peel back the layers of cheerful colour, juxtaposed against the forlorn expressions, the repetition of certain symbols, patterns and the mix of the surreal and urban tones. The layers tease out an individual response in the viewer, much like the prose in a poem, the syntax, the beat and alliteration.

Saint Chloe

Saint Chloe


“Paint, paint, draw, draw and paint some more. Get messy.” Braidy Hughes.


Braidy’s work will be on display at Miami Marketta this Wednesday evening as part of their Tapas Club Night. Go and support her!

You can also find her work on Facebook and Instagram.


Exhibiting alongside Braidy is another Logan Artist, Phil B. Phil’s colourful urban style derives itself from a street art culture of textile portability, fun and, like Braidy there are plenty of quirky characters. His main tools are posca pens (acrylic pens) and spray paint on scraps of wood, cardboard, books, and other recycled items.

“I love working with poscas, I love vibrant colours and fun topics, especially vibrant, and I do more than half of all my artwork on the bus to and from work. I paint a lot of artworks on book pages purely due to they’re easy to carry, cheap to purchase, and they hold the paint really well without getting too wet or falling apart.”



Viking on the bus

Viking on the bus


Although he is known for his Vikings, Phil’s illustrative talent doesn’t stop there.  Through development of his craft by painting every day (not just on the bus but also in his lunch breaks and waiting for his sons to finish karate…), Phil paints striking portraits and images of animals. His portraits feature expert use of light and shadow to create depth and show character, while the detail in his animal paintings portray his skill with a paint brush.

“I don’t limit what I can do, quite a while ago I made the decision to stop saying no, and stop doubting myself artistically.”




Skateboard art

Skateboard art

Phil loves surprising people and it’s obvious that is one of the things people love about his work. His work can be found around Brisbane and on Facebook and Instagram . You might even catch him at a live painting event nearby.

@leighlee68: I’ve admired your talent for years now you never stop wowing me

@steisl_:  Imagine what you gonna create on the plane trip!

@dodgyusername: Your art is so versatile. I love it so much. You nailed her face.


Action shot - viking wall

Action shot – viking wall


We are excited to be heading down to see PhilB and Braidy Hughes’ work in person on Wednesday. Want to join us? Grab more details on the event here.

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