Flash Interview: Hailey Calvert

Let’s face it, we are all time poor these days. Finding the energy to go out and immerse ourselves in our local culture whether it be music, creative arts or comedy can be a struggle, especially with a tribe of little people in toe or a demanding job to juggle. Lately we’ve been finding that anything local we want to attend clashes with our work schedule or family life. For this reason, we’ve designed a segment with the time poor in mind.

The Flash Interview series will give you an insight into the work and the person behind the art/music and point you in the direction to find out more. But best of all, it’s short and sweet so it’s easy to fit in. You never know, you might even fall in love!


Our very first flash interview is with Hailey Calvert, a Brisbane folk/blues singer and songwriter.

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Get to know Hailey better here:



Triple J Unearthed