Flash Fiction: Reading from Danica Peck’s debut novel, Lost Worlds.

Welcome to the second in our Flash Series designed to give the time poor a taste of local culture without the hassle. If you haven’t heard our first Flash Interview with musician Hailey Calvert, check it out after you’ve listened here.

Our second clip is a Flash Fiction reading by Logan author, Danica Peck, from her debut YA novel, Battle of Azriel: Lost Worlds. It is the first in a series 10 fantasy books. 5 main characters. 5 kingdoms. 5 supernatural girls fighting to claim their thrones.

Danica Peck Front Cover

Danica Peck Front Cover

Ariella Atlanta is just an ordinary high school girl living in a small town with her Aunt. But life is about to change forever when she becomes plagued by strange dreams, and her late Mother’s old friends show up to reveal the truth. Ariella is thrown into a world full of witches, elves, vampires and other supernatural creatures to embark on a mission. The same mission that claimed her Mother’s life sixteen years earlier.

She will be launching her book in Brisbane at the Grand Central Hotel on March 12, 2016 from 6:30pm. We’ll be there so come and say hi!


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Danica has been captivated by stories since her second grade teacher read Bushfire Moon to her class, admitting Jeff Peck’s book “turned her love of reading into an obsession.” And like many people who devour books, she turned to penning her own stories. As a fellow writer, I understand it when someone says writing is in my blood. It becomes as necessary to your health as eating and sleeping. Danica says, “writing keeps me sane. Which is probably why I love fantasy. I love escaping within my imagination and getting lost in a world that’s not ours, but almost as real to me as this one is.”

And like the act of writing, the fantasy genre itself is hard to pass by once its talons have clamped down on your shoulder. “I’ve tried writing other genres but they always turn into fantasy a few chapters in.”

I asked Danica who her main influences are and this is what she had to say:


“Harry Potter is such a rite of passage for this generation. It was one of the first worlds I got lost in and wanted to keep returning to. The characters taught me so many life lessons. I also got very captivated by bestselling Vampire Academy series author, Richelle Mead  and young fantasy author, Charlotte McConaghy.”


Danica never felt her work was good enough for the world to see, but the encouraging words of others in the writing community such as Australian fantasy author, Kimberly Clark, helped give her the courage to finish her book. “She gave me heaps of great advice and encouragement.” And since then, Danica says I got in touch with fellow writer Sabrina Raven of Ouroborus Books and it all fell into place.

Danica Peck

Danica Peck

In the next five years Danica hopes to have completed the first six books in the series of 10. Keep an eye on her Facebook author page for more info on future releases.