Featured Artists

Want to find out the info of all the artists we talk about without having to traipse through the articles? Here’s a quick list of artists in alphabetical order.

You’re welcome.


Adam Buchanan



Alinta Krauth

Alinta’s Facebook Page

Alinta’s website

Her work commissioned for the Paris Climate Summit – Climeart.com

A community art project – Tree:Mails


Anna Walker

Anna Walker’s Website

Anna Walker Books on Facebook


Belinda Bekkers

Belinda’s Facebook Page

Belinda’s website

Belinda on Twitter


Braidy Hughes

Braidy’s Facebook page

Braidy’s Instagram


Danica Peck

Facebook author page


Hailey Calvert

Hailey’s Bandcamp page

Hailey’s Facebook Page

Hailey on Triplej unearthed

Hailey on YouTube


Hesam Fetrati

Hesam’s Facebook Artist Page

Hesam’s Instagram


Karen Tyrrell

Karen’s Facebook Author page

Karen’s website

Karen on YouTube

Karen on Twitter


Karl Granzien

Karl’s Flickr page


Kate Leopold

LeopoldsTreat.com – store page

Triple J Unearthed – Leopold’s Treat

YouTube – Leopold’s Treat

Reverbnation – Leopold’s Treat

Soundcloud – Leopold’s Treat

facebook.com – Leopold’s .Treat


Katherine Kilburn

Instagram @kat_kilburn

Kat’s Facebook /katkilburndesign

Kat’s Pinterest /kat_kilburn

Kat’s website katkilburn.com


Laxmi Giddaluru





Mark Davey

Mark’s Facebook page

Email Mark at: inyourart@gmail.com


Merri Randell

Merri’s Facebook Page

Merri’s website

Merri’s Residency at Logan Bush Care


Mirree Louise Bayliss

Mirree on Facebook

Mirree on Google+

Mirree on Twitter

Mirree’s Instagram

Mirree’s website


Nerius Toule

Nerius on Facebook

Nerius on Instagram

Nerius on Pinterest


Nicole Brophy

Nicole on YouTube

Nicole’s Facebook Page

Nicole on Triple J Unearthed

Nicole on Soundcloud



OmiLee’s Facebook Page

OmiLee’s Instagram

OmiLee’s Tumblr page


Peta Thompson

Peta’s website

Missladypetal Creations Facebook Page

Missladypetal twitter: @missladypetal

Missladypetal Etsy store

Peta Thompson Art Therapy Facebook Page



Phil’s Facebook Page

Phil’s Instagram


Rob Andrews

Website – Robert Andrews

Email: smartarts111@hotmail.com


Ross Burbury

Triple J Unearthed – Ross Burbury

YouTube Channel – Ross Burbury

Bandcamp – Ross Burbury

Soundcloud – Ross Burbury


Sam Randall

Sam Randall Art on Facebook

Sam’s website

Sam Randall Art on Instagram


Shaun Diver

Facebook.com – Shaun Diver Music

Youtube – Shaun Diver

Youtube – Fri night live at The Retro Bar Kenmore

Music Equity – Shaun Diver


Shaun Tan

Shaun Tan’s Books

Shaun Tan’s Paintings

Shaun’s Blog

Links to Shaun’s essays


Steve Kimber

Steve on Tumbler

Steve on Facebook

Steve on Instagram


Susan Nuske

Susan’s Flickr


Tammy Quire

About Tammy’s Art Studio

Tammy’s Art Studio Facebook Page


Wayne Budge

Wayne’s Facebook Page

Wayne’s website