Get ready for a live Q&A with artist Elysha Rei!

Not So Koi vertical -Elysha Rei

Weaving intricate patterns, Asian design elements and symbolism into contemporary settings and public spaces, Elysha Rei’s work explores her own mixed heritage, and in doing so, invites others to contemplate their own cultural identities and attachments to familiar and unfamiliar places. While her exploration of her Japanese-Australian culture varies across […]

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Logan City Writers Explore Spiritual Celebrations and Halloween

Logan Writer's Halloween Special

We are lucky to be privy to such a diverse group of different voices and as no exception, the Logan City Writers have agreed to submit a few words of their own in a group exploration into Spiritual Celebrations and Halloween. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days […]

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There’s no place like home.

Every culture understands the concept of home. From its beginnings, the word has been imbued with a sense of belonging, of familiarity and identity with our homeland; a socio-political notion of loyalty to our mother country and over time, the concept has become more personal, entwining our culture, our family […]

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