Flash Fiction: Reading by Shayla Morgansen

Flash Fiction Fantasy novel Unbidden, Shayla Morgansen, Books

Welcome to the next episode of our Flash Series designed to give the us time poor lovers of culture a taste of local brilliance, quickly and easily! This gorgeous snippet from the just released novel Unbidden by local spec-fic author Shayla Morgansen. Unbidden is the third book in her Elm Stone Saga series that […]

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Feature Book: Shaun Tan on using surrealism and strangeness to provoke clarity.

By drawing from his own family heritage and childhood experiences, Melbourne based writer and artist, Shaun Tan explores fundamental feelings of isolation and displacement in a “New Country” through his poignant illustrated novel, The Arrival. The narrative begins in a universally familiar space; the family home, and follows the journey […]

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Flash Fiction: Reading from Danica Peck’s debut novel, Lost Worlds.

Welcome to the second in our Flash Series designed to give the time poor a taste of local culture without the hassle. If you haven’t heard our first Flash Interview with musician Hailey Calvert, check it out after you’ve listened here. Our second clip is a Flash Fiction reading by Logan author, Danica Peck, […]

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