Ali Strachan

Beenleigh Theatre Group Review: Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers Review

We should think ourselves lucky to have a world class theatre group on our back doorstep. Since seeing The Beauty and the Beast back in August of 2015, we were impressed with the quality of the set design and the placement of the orchestra on the mezzanine above the stage. […]

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Get ready for a live Q&A with artist Elysha Rei!

Not So Koi vertical -Elysha Rei

Weaving intricate patterns, Asian design elements and symbolism into contemporary settings and public spaces, Elysha Rei’s work explores her own mixed heritage, and in doing so, invites others to contemplate their own cultural identities and attachments to familiar and unfamiliar places. While her exploration of her Japanese-Australian culture varies across […]

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Has Christmas changed since you were a child? One writer shares her earliest memories.

Feature writer Annie Erez

Early Childhood Christmas Memories by Annie Erez Celebrating Christmas has changed over the years, but one thing remains the same for many of us; it is a time for family. My most vivid experiences with food as a celebration goes back to my early childhood memories of huge family gatherings […]

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