The Mission: To make art culture part of every day

The idea for Fringe was spawned by a trip to Melbourne in 2014 where an inner-city bookshop attendant of The Little Book Room imbued with enthusiasm, renewed our dream to create a space where people can share that same enthusiasm for literary culture, but also art and music, comedy, critical thought and philosophy.

Having no immediate way to fund this space, Ali and Grant realised they didn’t have to wait to be doing more in their own city and set to engage the community. Since the seed was planted, they have featured more than 50 creatives in and around the Logan area and will continue to go out into the community to discuss art, to support artists, to facilitate programs and to host cultural events.

About Fringe Art and Culture Ali Strachan
About Fringe Art and Culture Grant Strachan
Ali Strachan

Ali believes apathy is our enemy. As co-founder of Fringe, her mission has been to engage new artists, delve into their work and explore it in a way that people can relate to. She believes the best art culture is confronting, confusing, courageous and connects people. She challenges you to imagine a future without creativity, innovation and colour. 

She believes in a future where our children aren’t afraid to live creative lives, to explore new perspectives and to examine their own. She challenges you to imagine a future without creativity, innovation and colour. 

Grant Strachan

Grant believes in examining the world through a sceptical lens. As an amateur philosophy buff, he knows we need to be active participants of cultural experiences and engage with a critical and philosophical mindset. To him, art culture is inclusive, connecting and rewarding.  It has the capacity to spread hope, foster innovation, generate discussion and empathy – but it also helps us examine who we are and why. 

Grant loves a good discussion and if you get into one with him, expect to have your ideas and your beliefs challenged. This is his way of finding out more about how people view the world and engage with it.

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